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Regime shift project


































By the 1930s it had reached the southern Application fore.The Australian wattles have filled an empty niche.Many species have subsequently naturalised and some are widespread invaders.American chestnut trees had no resistance to this Asian fungus and it spread rapidly across the eastern coast.Following a regime shift in the North Atlantic in 1995, similar structural changes are now occurring in Arctic waters.Changes in benthos could impact other trophic levels, potentially affecting commercial fisherie.Anthropogenic climatic change has extended the growing season and delayed August freeze-up through a declin.Rapid warming of atmospheric and oceanic temperatures has caused a near year-on-year decline in the extent and thickness of summer sea ice since 1979 (NSIDC 2014).However, an invasive alien fungus known as chestnut blight (Cryphonectria parasitica) was accidently introduced to New York in the early 1900s at a time of significantly increased global trade. EN SAVOIR PLUS >>>















Regime Shifts DataBase

regime shift project
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The Regime Shifts DataBase provides examples of different types of regime shifts that have been documented in social-ecological systems. The database6.The previous URL www.Sergei Rodionov, Ph.The SRSD software has been used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from oceanography to climate research to economics (see Overview and references in Google Scholar ).Automatically detects regime shifts (or change points) in both mean and variance.2) has been released.It has a number of advantages over other existing methods.An option to assign weights to the outliers is now extended to shift detection in the variance and correlation coefficient.com is now used to host monthly temperature forecasts for the contiguous United States.It has a faster algorithm (due to incremental recalculation of weighted means and variances) and a better handling of outliers.A new version of SRSD (v.climatelogic.D.After the package was expanded to include shifts in the variance and correlation, which use the F-test, rather than t-test, the latter acronym became more appropriate.The former acronym was used for the earlier versions of the software that primarily dealt with shifts in mean.


regime shift project
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Based on Sequential T-test Analysis of Regime Shifts (STARS), it can detect change points in both mean and variance.A free software tool for analysis of structural breaks in time series. The STARS method has found numerous applications in marine biology, meteorology and finance

SEQUENTIAL METHODS OF REGIME SHIFT DETECTION | Sergei Rodionov | 1 updates | 1 publications | Research Project

Interestingly, all the climatic time series tested, from the Arctic to the Tropics, had one thing in common: the last shift detected in each of these series was toward a high-variance regime.The only exception was the Arctic Ocean SST series, when ICSS found one extra change point that appeared to be spurious.For these time series, SRSD is recommended. Updates 0 new 1 Recommendations 0 new 0 Followers 0 new 15 Reads 2 new 193 Follow Project log References (4) Questions Project log Sergei Rodionov added a research item A Sequential Algorithm for Testing Climate Regime Shifts Article May 2004 Sergei Rodionov Empirical studies of climate regime shifts typically use confirmatory statistical techniques with an a priori hypothesis about the timing of the shifts.For details see.Although there are methods for an automatic detection of discontinuities in a time series, their performance drastically diminishes at the ends of the series. Regime Shifts DataBase.

Regime Shifts ? A Global Challenge for the Sustainable Use of Our Marine Resources | SpringerLink

Stressors potentially inducing regime shifts may affect a system gradually, e. Scientific activities supporting approaches such as the EAFM are hence highly encouraged (FAO 2003 ). 2008; Dakos et al. 2008 ) as it was the case in the North Sea.Philos Trans R Soc B 370:20130279. ( 2009 ) suggested a management at the planetary boundaries. 1 Regime shift theory represented by ball-in-cup diagrams (Crawford 1991 ). ? CrossRef Google Scholar May RM (1977) Thresholds and breakpoints in ecosystems with a multiplicity of stable states.Of course, changes in mid-trophic levels will also reflect in lower ones, for instance high abundance of forage fishes will likely reduce plankton abundance.For instance, Rockstrom et al.Bull Mar Sci 89:31?55. ? CrossRef Google Scholar Reid PC, De Fatima Borges M, Svendsen E (2001) A regime shift in the north sea circa 1988 linked to changes in the north sea horse mackerel fishery. Sequential Methods of Regime Shift Detection.


regime shift project
Image source: img.lemde.fr

1, Right. 1, Right. E.Bestelmeyer BT, et al. ( 2009 ) Early-warning signals for critical transitions.Similar temporal inertia is common to many geophysical systems, where low-frequency signals can emerge naturally from stochastic or random forcing.Thus, a double integration is required: first from the Aleutian Low index to a model estimate of the PDO; the second from the PDO to an estimate of zooplankton trends.The growing availability of multidecadal observational records opens new windows on how ocean ecosystems function, but the analysis and interpretation of such long time-series also requires new mathematical tools and conceptual models ( 2 ).McDonnell, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK).Ecosphere 2 ( 12 ), Article 129.Population time-series often show strong variations at decadal time-scales, and a central question is whether this arises from nonlinear biological processes or simply tracking of external physical variability ( 3 ). Sci. Data Discuss. Monthly atmospheric weather variations are assumed to be purely random, white noise (black line with approximately constant power at all frequencies); the resulting ocean physical response is red-shifted (blue line with reduced power at high frequencies and elevated power at low frequencies) ( 9 ).

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regime shift project
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SEQUENTIAL METHODS OF REGIME SHIFT DETECTION | This project tracks the development of the software for regime shift detection in time series known as STARS (Sequential T-test Analysis of Regime Shifts) or SRSD (Sequential Regime Shift Detector). The SRSD software has been used in a wide variety of applications, ranging....

Over the last decades many marine systems have undergone drastic changes often resulting in new ecologically structured and sometimes economically less valuable states. In particular, the additive....


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